Foundation Crack Repair

Honest, Reliable, Professional Service

  • Waterproofed & Sealed
  • High Pressure Crack Injection
  • No Excavation – No Mess
  • Money Back Guarantee

Who We Are

Expert Leak Analysis

We are not interested in selling you an expensive water management system. We fix leaks at a reasonable price and we guarantee it for the life of the house.

What we do

State of the art high-pressure injection that does a full dimensional fill of the foundation and remains permanently flexible.

Crack Repair

Many people voice concern over structural integrity when they see a foundation crack. 

Foundation Injection

The purpose of an injection is to seal & waterproof a foundation crack. 

“I had many people look at my water problem. I got many different solutions and a lot of different prices. Watertite was the only one to diagnose the problem correctly. It was behind a finished wall. Tom was the only one who knew there was a septic pipe exiting the house there. That was the cause of water leak. He made a 1’x1′ cut in the wall and injected around the pipe. A a scalpel instead of a sledge hammer. Experience really made a difference in my case. By the way best price. Smart guy.”

Laura Rippy, Sudbury MA

“Watertite repaired foundation cracks that had leaked for years. Tom was excellent. He explained the prices and did the repair in a day. Best customer experience I have ever experienced. Best price too.”

Peter Sickles, Leominster MA

“We called the company on New Year’s Eve Day. They came out and evaluated the crack in our foundation on 1/2. They were prompt and professional and fixed the crack the same day and the work is guaranteed. Excellent experience with this company.”

Angie’s List Reviewer